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A character's race is the second most important decision for the player to make and has a great influence upon which classes a character can be successful at. Generally race affects casters more than combat or skill classes as magical aptitude, the most important combat stat for casters, varies widely, while stamina and combat aptitude, the most important stats for combat classes, tends to be less variable. Race matters little for skill classes as race has no effect upon skill selection or the development points attained by the character.

Humans do well as all classes, while elves and half-elves are especially reknown for their prowess as casters, though they, too, can do well in nearly any class. Andamen, AEsirs, dwarves and half-orcs excel as warriors and may have a difficult time as casters. Zephyrs are also generally good at multiple classes due to their speed but are likewise limited by their fragile endurance. Halflings, like their famous relatives in The Lord of the Rings, are lazy and not well suited to the rigors of adventuring, thus are likely best suited to skill classes.

The Aesir, standing over seven feet tall, are giants among men. Most Aesir are of a pale complexion with blue eyes and blond hair, although red-haired variants are not uncommon. This clannish race from the rugged mountains values brute strength and honour in battle above all else. Exceptional might is attributed to their giantish blood. The forthright Aesir are renowned warriors and disdain subtlety and unscrupulous behaviour. Tribal priests within the Aesir are rare, but command high station among this superstitious people. Other practitioners of magic are often viewed as cowards, hiding behind arcane spells rather than depending upon natural abilities. Those few Aesir who choose to venture from their mountainous homes often do so as a personal test of maturity and honour.

This race of feral beastmen are the supposed result of ancient, magical experimentation from a dead era. These primitive, half-human half-animal creatures retain the savage nature and enhanced senses of their bestial ancestors. Most Andamen are not gifted with a firm control over magic and thus favor stealth and outright force when dealing with other races. Most races do not trust the xenophobic Andamen, due in part to their barbarous treatment of outsiders and undoubtedly to their bizarre ability to become the beasts they resemble. In their natural form, they are quick and agile.

An Andaman resembles and has an affinity for one of the mammal categories listed below. They may shapechange into that form, but are unable to cast spells when in animal form. In addition, they take on most of the animal form's combat mode of attacks and stats, except for Stamina, IQ, Willpower and Luck.

The below listed are the general classes of acceptable Andaman forms. There are some exceptions which may be allowed; however, in no circumstances will animal forms with wings, horns, hooves, or tusks, or animal forms that weigh less than one pound or more than 500lbs be allowed. Additionally, animal forms are restricted to non-primate mammals.

* Small mammal (less than 5 lbs)
* Medium mammal (less than 40 lbs)
* Wolf (canines over 40 lbs.)
* Puma (felines over 40 lbs.)
* Bear (ursine from 150 to 500 lbs.)

Andaman Form Stats
All andamen's alternate forms will be expressed as modifiers to current stats rather then “fixed” stats. This allows the animal form to “advance” with the character.

Please see Andaman Subraces section for information on allowed animals.

Small Mammal
Ag +15, Per +10, Int +10, Spd +10, Def +25, Str -20
Attack: 1 bite/flurry for bc4 noncritable.
Medium Mammal
Ag +5, Per +10, Int +10, Spd +5, Def +5, End +5
Bite for BC6.
Large Canine
End +15, Per +10, Int +10, Str +5
Bite for BC8
Large Feline
End +5, Per +10, Int +10, Spd +5, Str +10
Claw/Claw, Bite for BC6/BC6, BC6. (Claw attacks must hit for a follow-up Bite)
End +5, Per +10, Int +10, Spd -10, Str +15
Claw/Claw, Bite for BC6/BC6, BC8. (Claw attacks must hit for a follow-up Bite)

Dwarves maintain that the gods crafted their race from the roots of their beloved mountains, and their hearty endurance supports this statement. The stubborn, bold Dwarves are highly praised for their stonecraft and metal work, as well as respected for tactical cunning in battle. Opponents often underestimate this small, stocky race; most do not live to regret their mistake. Beyond their ability to craft enchanted weapons and armour, Dwarves are not known for their magical prowess. In fact, their native suspicion of magic gives them a natural resistance to it. They are, however, able to excel in almost any other profession they put their minds to. Dwarves, male and female, take exceptional pride in their long, full beards. Favoured clothing of earthen tones reflect the most common eye and hair colours of their race.

Special Ability: Darkvision (150')

The sylvan Elves are a proud, regal race, gifted with near-immortality, who look down upon short-lived races with amusement and condescension, when they deign to acknowledge the other races at all. At a quick glance, this race is physically indistinguishable from humans, but a second look reveals the slimmer frame, the unearthly and beauteous appearance, and of course the pointed ears that differentiate them from the cruder forms of Humans. With their long lifespans, Elves are capable of mastering just about any skill or ability, and wield spell and sword with equal ease. In combat they are known for their quickness, which makes up for a lack of endurance and brute strength. Since they have all the time in the world, they see no reason to rush, and deal patiently with any problems they encounter, but once an Elf is finally moved to action, he can become an implacable and deadly foe.

Special Ability: Darkvision (100')

The Half-Elf race originated from the rare pairings of humans and elves. Pure breeding among Half-Elves has subsequently distinguished them as a unique race in their own right. Physically, they exhibit the attributes of both Humans and Elves, but they constantly strive to find a culture of their own. Although some societies composed solely of Half-Elves have been formed, Half-Elves most often struggle to find acceptance among established Human or Elven societies. While their dual nature has often been a hindrance, it has occasionally allowed the Half-Elves to truly understand their forefathers, bringing remarkable insights into the cultures of both peoples.

Special Ability: Darkvision (50')

Half-Orcs are often deservedly maligned by the other races, for while their Human blood assures they are more intelligent than pure Orcs, it does nothing to lessen the selfish and brutish nature of their Orcish heritage. Taller than most races and savagely cruel, Half-Orcs pride themselves on their ferocity in battle, primarily in individual combat. Half-Orcs are similar in appearance to a true Orc and strongly prefer Orcish culture to the weak, Human beliefs. Most Half-Orcs remain in Orcish society as advisors and tacticians to the relatively instinctual Orc leaders. Those few who choose to enter Human society often live on the fringes of the criminal underworld, serving as thugs, enforcers, and hired killers.

Special Ability: Darkvision (50')

Halflings are slightly plump, jovial, and friendly in nature, often being mistaken for Human children because of their short stature and countenance. However, many Halflings possess a streak of larceny, inspired by the race's insatiable curiosity, belying this innocent appearance. Halflings are overly fond of food, drink, and soft, safe living among their extensive relatives. Sparing themselves from memorizing long linages, Halflings traditionally greet each other as "Cousin", regardless of actual relation; an apparently befuddling habit to other races. Those few adventurous Halflings who seek a life of danger and excitement away from home tend to avoid direct combat, leaving it for the big, dumb races; they instead prefer those professions suitable to their crafty, larcenous disposition.

Humans are the most versatile and common race. Of all the races, Humans are the most diverse in appearance, with skin tones ranging from ebony black to a white as pale as any elf and builds anywhere from twiglike to obese. While Humans have no particular talents applicable as a whole, their determination allows them to master almost any task they choose, resulting in careers as varied as treacherous thugs and honour-bound warriors in suits of shining armor. Human cultures also differ from region to region rather than being racially coherent, resulting in an unparalleled variety of dispositions, philosophies, and ethics that they live by, including their opinions of other races.

Zephyr Keen eyes and swift movements characterize the flighty Zephyr. These winged, Elflike beings are the only known race with command of the skies. Hollowed bones and sleek wings allow the Zephyr this unique capability. This gift of flight is reflected in their flighty disposition; they often have short attention spans resulting in a limited command of magic. Zephyrs find little peace among the seemingly chaotic society of most other races and strongly prefer to remain among their own kin in their lofty, mountainside aeries. Those who choose to leave their secluded homes receive mixed reactions among the landbound races.

Special Ability: Flight
*Note: Flight requires a 30' takeoff area.

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