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Very often we hear phrases like “why do I need backup, I have all securities!”. Or “I make backups on the second HDD in the server!”.Or something similar. Very often a few months after that we hear the question “how can I recover the dead data?”. And it is sad.

In the article, we want to speculate a little bit about what “backup” is and what scheme of such a copy will help protect against the loss of my data. Well, try to expose some myths and bad habits.

Most, we think, will not find anything new for themselves, but if you still belong to the category of those who do not or do backups, but these are not backups welcome!


Let’s define the terminology. What is a backup?

It is logical to assume that this is a copy of the data previously saved for the purpose of recovery in case of the destruction of the original.

This implies the first requirement – Isolation

It makes no sense to make a copy of the documents in the apartment and store it in the same place as the original. So it makes no sense to make a copy of the data and store it on the same disk / in the same server as the original.

Is it logical Full

We go further. If we make a copy of the data, then we are afraid of losing it. So?So. This means that all the reserved data is valuable to us. So?Again so. Hence the second requirement – integrity . It makes no sense to copy without checking the integrity – at the output, we may well get the broken data or lose part irretrievably. With the Best Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore this is the perfect option.

Another item

Imagine that you deleted a file or not a file, but many files. For example, one accidentally made “rm -rf ./ test” and went to sleep, with a clear conscience. And at midnight a backup occurred. But here’s the bad luck – he was set up so that he created a complete copy of the data without taking into account versions and changes. Those deleted the file you deleted and on the backup media too – did the opposite thing to its purpose. Submitted? The third requirement is versioning. You should be able to return the previous state of your data, and not just have two identical copies.

And what is the result?

As a result, we received three requirements that the backup system must meet in order to carry this proud name and securely store your data. Isolation will protect against equipment failure or external factors (fire, flood, etc.), as well as malicious deletion of data (will not allow an attacker or a virus to infect / delete and backup too), integrity monitoring ensures that all your data is reserved and you if you lose the main instance, if you find out about the problems too late, versioning will not allow the backup system to move the bullet from the user’s leg, who has shot himself to his knee – to his head.

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