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Are you looking for a professional Web design training and do you want to learn from experts in practice?The Web Designer training is a very practical and up-to-date course in the field of web design. You will be trained by certified professionals who are involved with web design every day and who ensure that you can continue to apply all gained knowledge in practice in 4 months (full-time) or 6 months (part-time).

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Career opportunities

Due to the digitization of society, the demand for Web Designers is high. College continually adjusts the content of the web design training to the demand from the (labor) market. Because we regularly provide specialist training for various companies, we are well aware of the skills that (new) employees must possess. With the latest media techniques and software skills you can, after following this web design training, like many former students, work successfully as a webdesigner or interaction designer, independently or in employment. With the best website design in singapore the option is perfect now.

During the course you develop your own portfolio, which you can use to show what you can actually do afterwards. College has collaborations with various companies and recruiters, who regularly approach us with vacancies for our (ex) students. For more information, see the ‘Career’ tab.

Target group and admission

The Web Designer course deals with the basic components in the production of web-based trajectories. After your first concept, you develop all the accompanying parts such as audio, video and graphics. Of course you are also responsible for the design, the content and the project planning. This way you are widely trained to become a full-fledged web designer.

Content training Web Designer

In addition to the general knowledge you are taught about UX / UI Design, project planning, project management and file formats, you quickly go into the depth. In our extensive web design training you learn to design and edit graphics yourself; then we teach you everything from HTML, so that you can read, write and apply this language yourself. We also pay attention to editing audio and video. This way you can set up a total website. You need to have the good at website design now.

The main function of a website is to inform visitors about the services or products that your company provides. But to do this you have to hold the attention of your visitor long enough. This is an art in itself since the attention span of people is constantly decreasing. In this article we are going to give you some tips and trucks to keep the attention as long as possible.

Use large images with little text

Large images attract the attention of people and with the right piece of text a visitor can quickly establish a connection and so you can convey your information.

Call to action

A well-placed call to action ensures that you get more conversions. People today often have to be reminded of what to do. After all, there are so many other incentives that people get distracted quickly.

Clear language

Do not make too long texts. Provide short, clear sentences and leave enough space between each line so that it is very easy to read. If the visitor finds the text busy, he hooks up faster.

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